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WoogaMaster Android App Launching Soon

WoogaMaster Android App Launching Soon

On the request of our beloved players/users woogamaster is going to launch an Android App soon, so you don’t need to wait for Fan pages nor need to get wait for sharing on groups, What you have to do is very simple each game’s gift will show on your mobile by notification.
Our app is specially designed for our players/users, In app there is an option to select your games and get its updates, gifts, coins by notification when ever gifts comes it will show on your mobile screen just when you tap on it, it will be open.
Here are some guide about app so you won’t miss any step.

Android app for house of fun

Main Screen of Android App 

Android app for slotomania

On this above main screen you can see 3 steps.

  1. Explore All Game
  2. Select Your Games
  3. Your Selected Games

Now here are its function so you won’t get confused.

Function Of “Explore All Games” 

This button will function is to open all games so you can see all new posts updates means all games will load here.

Function Of “Select Your Games” 

From this button you can directly go on your game tap on this button select your game and it will show only selected game’s posts.

Function Of ” Your Selected Games” 

This button will show you how many games you have selected for push notification filled with color means you have selected games.

Most important Point How to Activate Push Notification function. 

Click on woogamaster app When it opens follow these steps.

  1. Step 1 Click on Explore all games
  2. Step 2 on the right top corner you can see setting button  Android app for woogamaster nofiticaitons click on it  then it will open following screens
  3. Android app for slots games this screen will open then you have to select your games like this Android app for free gifts i have selected all now it Click on the top Arrow -> then it will move you on the next screen in which all subcategories will open
  4. Android app for woogamaster Select your games i have selected These 4 games, Hit it Rich, Doubleu casino, Royal Story and House of Fun – Slot machines. once you select click on the top arrow then its completed. 

Now when ever we made new post or add new gift it will show on your mobile screen like this
Android app for woogamasterWhen you tap on it, it will take you to the post and you can collect your gifts.
Share this post if you like this new feature we make it more easy for you no need to wait and search for your games gifts just select your games we will update you when ever new gift comes.

We will Share the app link soon.

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