Xeodrifter – Releasing soon

Xeodrifter – Releasing soon

Xeodrifter is an activity pressed investigation amusement with a retro graphical style. This is the tale of an interstellar stray venturing to every part of the stars on a straightforward mission of investigation. We join our migrant as he sets out on the examination of a little group of four planets in the omega division, after a crash with a rebel space rock harmed his twist center.

A sweep of the neighboring planets uncovered various vitality marks, which may give the uncommon material expected to supplant the harmed twist center and return to cruising through the universe. On the other hand, what started as a routine away-mission to settle his motor rapidly spirals into an unsafe round of pursuit, shoot, and survive. Impact your way through outsider scenes, search out profitable insider facts, and annihilation antiquated gatekeepers to open forces from a fabulous incomparable culture in this energizing trip of secret and experience.


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